Lenka and the Tea Witch

A fairytale of a very bad witch that wants to kill the sweet and beautiful Lenka. The witch invites the students to come to her house in the haunted forest by her flying broom. Once inside the witch makes her magical brew on a fire in a large pot. Lenka loves tea and the sweet aroma temps Lenka into drinking it. Once asleep the spell starts to work and changes Lenka into a mouse. The witch has a black cat that will eat the mouse and Lenka will die. But Lenka the mouse fortunately meets a good and clever wizard who gives Lenka the mouse a magical bean. The bean changes the mouse back into Lenka and the witch dies.

The show focuses on present simple and present continuous time, using verbs and new vocabulary.

Level of English: pre-intermediate

Max. 110 students

Price 5,000 Kč
Price per student can be arranged when ordering the show.