Hello and welcome to Dr Klutz alter-ego, Schelie.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, then moved to a wonderful place called Katoomba which is an Aboriginal name meaning 'Shimmering White Waterfalls'.

Katoomba is at the top of the Blue Mountains and is a national parks wilderness, approximately a two hour drive west of Sydney, that I call home.

While living in the mountains I worked as an honorary park ranger at the Blue Mountains Heritage Centre in Blackheath National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) developing Environmental Educational programs for schools and the public for over two years. I put together a highly skilled, bright and professional team of park rangers and performing artists and developed a theatre company called Phantom Falls. We created a show called 'Encounters in the Corridors' teaching students about biodiversity and between 1995-1997 travelled extensively throughout the state of NSW into hundreds of schools. We also performed another show about endangered species called 'On the Brink'. Both sponsored by the N.S.W. And Federal Government.

But, if I was to go way back to when I was just a wee young fella in 1984, I guess that's when my work with children first started. I worked for a company called Command Performance performing the show called 'Willy Have A Go Show', a mini Olympics promoting the Sydney Olympic Games within schools. I was photographing children with 'Willy the Koala', Australia's mascot for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as part of the official promotion. I trained other actors and photographers in the states of N.S.W., Queensland and Victoria to do the same.

In between performing and photographing I worked for one year as a volunteer at Westmead Hospital as an Assistant Play Therapist in the Oncology Ward, working directly with sick children, sponsored by McDonald House and the Starlight Foundation, as well as ran dozens of week long kids camps...

In September 1993 I set up my own business called Yum Yum Total Entertainment 4 Kids where I developed and performed in schools three shows: 'The Good Manners show', 'The Rainbow Man show' and 'The Deaf Educational show' teaching students about deaf awareness and Auslan (Australian sign language) as I had also worked with deaf kids.

In mid 1994 after outgrowing the naive innocence of Yum Yum the Clown I started developing my Dr Klutz mime and clown character and created a show which I performed in many festivals throughout Australia as well as at Australia's Wonderland (our equivalent to Disneyland). At that time I was also working with 20 street kids in the local park in my home town, Katoomba and put together a juggling, fire breathing and twirling group called The Flaming Ferals which we took into many of the festivals around N.S.W and was sponsored by Triple J Radio.

That same year I was approached to work for a company called Puppets and Portraits to perform Environmental Educational shows in schools and photographing children's school portraits. The shows were about recycling our rubbish and was sponsored by The Litter Reduction Campaign of N.S.W. I did over 500 performances.

While doing all these shows I was approached by another company called Jeral Puppets to perform Educational marionette puppet shows in schools, shopping centres and the Sydney Royal Easter Show teaching about road safety sponsored by The Road and Traffic Authority of N.S.W. where I also performed hundreds of shows.

Finally, coming back to the Blue Mountains in July 1998, I finished developing my Dr Klutz character and show and left Australia to travel throughout Europe to perform my new show called 'Dr Klutz - Magical Mime Show'. I took this show into the streets as a busker and performed in different festivals all over Europe. In the same year I travelled to London where I was trained and worked as a magician for Marvin's Magic performing micromagic in Harrods Department Store and Hamleys Toys Store for the public and famous celebrities.

Then in April 1999 I hitched to Prague with my backpack and old Dr Klutz suitcase when on the 1st of May I fell in love with a Czech girl called Zita, we married in 2001 and in November 2003 our daughter Matilda was born. And so I settled here.

In 2001 I developed my one man business called Dr Klutz – English Theatre.

From the humble beginnings of just one show I have now developed eight different shows and a presentation, attended well over 300 schools, travel some 50,000 km a year to seven different countries and have reached all in all some 350,000 students.

I also occasionally run seminars, lectures and workshops at regional, national and international teachers' conferences, schools and universities here and abroad.

So that's about it in regards to my working career but there is much more to the wonderful, amazing and somewhat peculiar life than this...

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and enjoy my shows.